Brokeback mountain, breathtakingly beautiful

The gay love story of two closeted and married western men in the 60’s. It’s a tortured romance that makes your heart ache for the characters. Its about two men who heard sheep one year and fall in love, but because they’re in the 60’s and the west they can’t do anything about it. So every now and again they go back to Brokeback mountain and have a passionate time together. They enjoy themselves as much as they can in Those few days out of hundreds onTop of that mountain. It’s their get away from the world that keeps them apart.It’s amazingly believable and vivid, so much so that as you read the short strong you see it going on before your eyes , just like a movie. Also of which is just as amazing and stars amazing actors. I recommend the book so so much as well as the movie, but I will warn you thy are tear jerkers so have a box of tissues ready and enjoy! You won’t regret it it’s a lovely story of sacrifice, love and loss.



The red pyramid, Rick Riordan’s renown recording

While Percy deals with Zeus and his family along with their roman counterparts,carter and Sadie deal with the Egyptian side of the mythological equation. This book is in the form of a recording, but not really at the same time it tells a story, switching POV from Sadie to carter. they move and train in Brooklyn with their uncle Amos,and set their sights on the ultimate quest to defeat Apophis as well as save their father. This book is a story for the ages. It is meant for everyone 5 -105 the mythological accuracy is amazing and the story is so good you believe it could be true and see it happening right in front of you, as if your a character Riordan forgot to mention. I give this book a 9 out of 5 stars, it is truly amazing and a book everyone schools try and be exposed to. Enjoy!


Of mice and men catastrophic classic

While of mice and men is a “classic” it’s also pretty much more or less a snooze fest, there’s barely any action whatsoever and the only action is accidentally commuted by a mentally incapable man or a pissy rich dude. Additionally, the only romance what so ever in this book is a whore wife of the pissy rich dude flirting with mentally Ill men and his “friends” . The dialogue is also so horribly spelled to demonstrate an accent it jumped into the comprehensive ability, half the time I had to re read a line of dialogue 2 -3 times to know what the heck they meant. The story is also very repetitive, something bad happens then Lennie (mental person) gets upset, gorge (his companion) settles him down with a story about rabbits, until we get to the only eventful part of this book which is two pages long and extremely cliche, but if that’s your thing go for it! Enjoy…or don’t (I’d recommend you didn’t if you hadn’t gotten that so far)



The Giver by Lois Lowry, a gift to readers everywhere

Sumary:The giver has many underlying meanings and metaphors it portrays a utopian society that turned out to be more of a dystopia. The government as a all powerful entities giving people their jobs and suppressing their emotion as well as their right to know the past where people lived differently in aa world that wasn’t climate controler and where they lived freely. However now one child can see beyond and he is given the job of knowing the past and is excluded from society’s rule of emotion suppression he is given the memories of the past by the giver, who is the former “receiver of memories” and with that he decides that the world shouldn’t be how it is today, it should be how it was where people could love,laugh, really live and he fought for his peoples right to do so.

Review: this book is amazing in the long run and will change the way you look at society. Am I exchanging privacy for connivence? And when does it end? The book itself has a slow start but within forty pages it has it’s hooks deep into you and you can’t seem to put it down. It has suspense and a small amount of action but the dialogue is amazing and literary devises are greatly used to make the book very enjoyable. I recommend this book to all people who are looking for a short but meaningful read. Enjoy!



City of bones review

Now that I’ve told you the characters let’s get to the review but first the summary: girl meets bad ass boy and finds out he’s a demon (shadow) hunter girl is then told she is one too, then girls mother is taken by girls evil father and girl with the help of hot shot boy and his friends help girl get her memory back so she can use them to rescue mommy and the mortal cup (very powerful token amongst boy’s people ie shadow hunters)
Review: very very good book. Fantastically written, with an easy to follow plot, however while it’s a simple plot to follow it’s never boring and has many layers once you thing you have the story figured out you’re hit right in the face with another surprise. City Of Bones has a powerful dose of action and a captivating dose of romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat as it did mine. I love this book so much and I’m sure you will too! Enjoy!


The bones of City of Bones (ie characters)


         The book City Of Bones is written by Cassandra Clare. There are many characters, one being Clary Frey. Clary has fire red curly hair with green eyes, and it is mentioned she dresses like a boy such as often wearing t shirts and jeans with sneakers. Clary believes she is a human at the beginning of the book, but she soon discovers that her mother was a shadow hunter whose main role was hunting demons and the “forsaken” which are basically souls who lost humanity. The reason Clary is not a shadow hunter is because her mother ran away from that world, as did Clary’s father, Valentine, the most evil shadow hunter in the world. Clary’s shadow hunter powers were also kept from her. Her mother did this by bringing her to a wizard every two years to have a spell contain her “sight,” the ability to see the shadow world. In the first book in this series, her love interest is Jace Wayland, but this is discouraged when Valentine reveals Jace is her long lost brother. This news tears them both up through the end of the first and second book, but it is later revealed it was a lie from Valentine.

         Jace Wayland is a shadow hunter “born and raised.”Jace has curly blond hair and eyes that Clary describes as “golden.” He is one of “those guys” who look good and know it. He is an obnoxious flirt who thinks the world of himself. He has white scars all across his body –like all shadow hunters- from the shadow marks (marks that give shadow hunters power and fade when they are used). Jace, who believed his father was Michael Wayland, was raised by Valentine claiming to be Michael Wayland. He was a cruel and loving father, cruel in ways as to teach his son, “to love is to destroy.” He drilled this into the boy’s mind by giving him a falcon and ordering him to train it. After countless harsh orders, Jace pleaded with the bird who in return listened and in the next few weeks was trained. When Jace went to show his father he killed the bird, his father told his son “You were to train it to become obedient not to love you.” This, is related to the characterization of Jace because, for the first seventeen years of his life, he defind himself by this lesson.

        Alec is 18 and has black hair and blue eyes. He is Jace’s closest friend. Not only is Alec Jace’s best friend, he is his parabatai, his fighting partner, as well as his adoptive brother. Alec was once in love with Jace, but being gay in the shadow hunter world was greatly frowned upon so he hid this secret well, only telling his sister Isabelle. Later it is revealed that he still says he is in love with Jace to avoid the fact that he is now interested in Magnus, the high wizard of Brooklyn (not a prominent character in the first book.) Alec begins the book not too fond of Clary because of Jace’s attraction to her. This, however, lessens once he gets to know her. He is saved by Magnus who comes and heals him after he is fatally injured in a battle. The two begin a secret relationship sometime later. 

         Isabelle is Alec’s sister and Jace’s adoptive sister. She is 16 and has black hair as well as black eyes. She is constantly switching boyfriends and is described as “sharp witted.” She bonded with Jace over shadow hunting and their love for sharp weapons.Isabelle also began to show brotherly affections toward him because he insisted on taking her hunting when her parents and Alec objected. Isabelle likes Clary because she uses her as a doll in my opinion. Dressing her up and giving her makeup. She also is a friend to Clary and tells her a lot about being a shadow hunter. Isabelle uses Simon in the beginning of the book, seducing him with her looks. Jace tells Clary, “ She will just break Simon’s heart, cutting and walk all over it in high-heeled boots.” She is not good at committing to a relationship. Later in the series she realizes her mistake in using Simon the way she did.

         Simon is Clary’s best friend before they find out about the shadow world. Simon was born as the second child of a Jewish family, after his sister. When he was six, he met Clary and the two became best friends. He soon developed romantic feelings for her, and was in love with her for the next 10 years. He was also in a band the van of said band he drives the shadow hunters around on more then one occasion. He is described as being “cute and not knowing it,” and he is an “open geek” as well as being a vegetarian since the age of ten.After meeting the others and going with them to a party thrown by Magnus Bane, Simon is turned into a rat and taken accidentally by vampires. Whilst there, he bites Raphael Santiago, a vampire, making him a darkling,someone who has ingested vampire blood and if he dies will turn into one himself.

         Hodge is the an elder-like person in the institute, the place where Isabelle, Jace and Alec live. He is a former member of the circle. This was a group of shadow hunters under Valentine’s command. He, Luke, and Clary’s mother were all in the circle. He is a spy for Valentine but has real emotional ties to all the people he lives with. He finds it hard to leave when Valentine removes the spell keeping Hodge in the institute. In the end, he still leaves.

         Valentine is the main antagonist in the series. He is 38 and has white hair and black eyes. He had a belief that all forsaken should be wiped out, and created the circle to accomplish this goal years before the story takes place. He is Clary’s biological father and Jocelyn’s husband. He was Luke’s parabatai, his fighting partner and best friend before the circle was formed and Luke was turned into a werewolf. Valentine is after the mortal cup so he can raise an army against all shadow world beings that oppose him.Image

Divergence, a must read!


Summary: set in a future dystopia where children chose what faction they want to live as. Be it brave, truthful, peaceful, selfless and intelligent. However some don’t fit in inly one and this is called divergence, it is very dangerous because no one wants anyone to posses this power. Consequently, the main character tris has this and we follow her in her journey to be brave and hide her power.

Review: truly riveting, absolutely spectacular! And amazing book that you’d has to be crazy to put down it keeps you on your toes and guessing what’s next with every turn of the page. It’s Just the right mix of action,romance and suspense it is most defiantly a must read for boys and girls alike and people of all ages!