Troy high by Shana Noris a high on words?

now this book follows somewhat along the lines of Homer’s Iliad, but adds modern teenagers, feuding schools, and best friends who are in love but don’t know. now the story revolves around Cassie and Greg, who are in apposing schools that are in a major grudge match and i guess in this world that actually matters. Annnnyway, Cassie is in love with Greg and kisses him in the beginning, but then freaks out and leaves they then have a weird relationship as friends thats almost painfully awkward, but to good to stop reading. So you follow these two in a battle of wits of who can play the best pranks and seeing as their brothers are the school’s respected QB’s they have front row seats, and you will too. This is a great read, and if you like greek mythology, but find it a little dry this is a good book for you to read since it has the basic lot components of the iliad and if you’re just looking for a good teen romance this book is also for you. enjoy!


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