City of bones review

Now that I’ve told you the characters let’s get to the review but first the summary: girl meets bad ass boy and finds out he’s a demon (shadow) hunter girl is then told she is one too, then girls mother is taken by girls evil father and girl with the help of hot shot boy and his friends help girl get her memory back so she can use them to rescue mommy and the mortal cup (very powerful token amongst boy’s people ie shadow hunters)
Review: very very good book. Fantastically written, with an easy to follow plot, however while it’s a simple plot to follow it’s never boring and has many layers once you thing you have the story figured out you’re hit right in the face with another surprise. City Of Bones has a powerful dose of action and a captivating dose of romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat as it did mine. I love this book so much and I’m sure you will too! Enjoy!


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