Of mice and men catastrophic classic

While of mice and men is a “classic” it’s also pretty much more or less a snooze fest, there’s barely any action whatsoever and the only action is accidentally commuted by a mentally incapable man or a pissy rich dude. Additionally, the only romance what so ever in this book is a whore wife of the pissy rich dude flirting with mentally Ill men and his “friends” . The dialogue is also so horribly spelled to demonstrate an accent it jumped into the comprehensive ability, half the time I had to re read a line of dialogue 2 -3 times to know what the heck they meant. The story is also very repetitive, something bad happens then Lennie (mental person) gets upset, gorge (his companion) settles him down with a story about rabbits, until we get to the only eventful part of this book which is two pages long and extremely cliche, but if that’s your thing go for it! Enjoy…or don’t (I’d recommend you didn’t if you hadn’t gotten that so far)



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