Brokeback mountain, breathtakingly beautiful

The gay love story of two closeted and married western men in the 60’s. It’s a tortured romance that makes your heart ache for the characters. Its about two men who heard sheep one year and fall in love, but because they’re in the 60’s and the west they can’t do anything about it. So every now and again they go back to Brokeback mountain and have a passionate time together. They enjoy themselves as much as they can in Those few days out of hundreds onTop of that mountain. It’s their get away from the world that keeps them apart.It’s amazingly believable and vivid, so much so that as you read the short strong you see it going on before your eyes , just like a movie. Also of which is just as amazing and stars amazing actors. I recommend the book so so much as well as the movie, but I will warn you thy are tear jerkers so have a box of tissues ready and enjoy! You won’t regret it it’s a lovely story of sacrifice, love and loss.



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