Hey kiddies!! I’m at book expo America for the next few days so expect tons upon tons of reviews coming soon!! (Many won’t be out yet so unfortunately you’ll have to wait to read many)

Ink, by Amanda sun

Ink isn’t your typical girl meets boy story, oh no. It just so happens that the boy is a descendent of the Japanese gods called kami and the girl is an American in Japan living with her aunt and going to a regular Japanese school just months after her mother died. The girls name is Katie green and in this totally new world she’s an outsider looking in and barely even understanding the story, she’s grasping at straws until she meets the mysterious Tomohiro and sees his drawings come to life. She stalks him down until he receipts his secret to her and she doesn’t run away when he pushes her, they grow closer and closer and Tomo’s powers become even more powerful and untamable with each moment he spends with Katie, but that’s not the worst of their problems, people want Tomo and not for anything good.
This book is amazing!! I couldn’t put it down it captivated me in a way nothing else could. I think it’s because I relate to Katie being in a new place and not understanding the language or culture, but it also because of the amazing story and how it’s portrayed though an elegant and lovely writing style that even incorporated Japanese to make the story that more authentic! I give this story 6 stars out of 5 it blew me away and I think everyone should read this book I can’t wait for rain (the second book in the paper god series) to come out in a few weeks! Enjoy!


Consumed by Julia crane

Keegan’s been through a wild ride , she met her mate before she should have, lost their bond to dark magic and dated a tiger(no joke). Now that the bond is back for Keegan (thanks to her brother and Anna) she and Rourk begin to grow closer. However, Keegan’s school is all the way in Alaska while Rourk is stationed in Washington state, but that’s easily fixed. In the beginning he visited her in Alaska on his days off of training, but after her semester ended she transferred schools to be closer to him. They then do all the things couples do, move in together, get a pet, and get married eventually although Keegan wanted to go against elfin tradition and wait until after she is 18. This book lacks a huge antagonist like the other ones, but it focuses on the characters lives. It gives you closure and leaves you with a fizzy feeling when you’re finished. I loved this book and both before it I hope she continues the series! I recommend this to anyone and everyone. Enjoy!


Conflicted by Julia Crane

keegen and rourks bond was broken in the battle between light and dark and now that keegen has forgoten all about rourk he is crushed. He can still feel their bond so emesly that he cant bear to be around her without her and especially cant see her fall for someone else right before his eyes. he does try to fight for her but now all she feels is awkward around his and this breaks him, he has to get away. as elfen tradition goes a warrior joins the human armmy for at least four years and beacuause he cant stand the heat ace any longer this is what rourk does. However back home with keegen Anna, keegen’s close friend and witch is determined ti find a way to help rourk and return keegens bound even if keegen doesnt agree with her. this book is phenominal and just as good as the first i love it and im sure you will too! enjoy!


Coexist, Keegan’s Chronicles

In a world where everything is magical and elfs exist (not 2 ft elfs)  sixteen year old keegen is having a hard time keeping it from her friends that she herself is an elf. anyway as an elf you have mates, or soul mates that are pre destined the only drawback is you cant meet them until you are eighteen. this however doesn’t stop the lovely keegen, her brother the seer elf accidentally revealed her mates name and she was a horse with blinders on . nothing was going to keep her from finding Rourk and it doesn’t help that every time she thinks his name hes drawn to her like  a kat to yarn. he restrains himself as long as he can , giving her a childhood before she accepts him but a twist of fait thrusts them together ans a war between the dark and light jeprodizes their life together. i recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good action romance. enjoy!


Keeping her book review

In this novella the events of “losing it” by Cora Carmack are continued. Bliss and Garrick are happily engaged and now she gets to meet his parents….yay. Well to say the least she gets to know why he doesn’t talk about mommy and daddy too much. This book is just as good as the first and just as sweet it’s realistic because there are some snags and bumps. We will get to see that keeping love might not be as easy as it is to find. However, in the end they do love each other. I would defer barely recommend this book if you’ve read the first one and if you haven’t you really need to!! It’s an amazing book that will make you smile, cringe, cry ,and laugh. Enjoy!