Losing it for this book

“Losing it” by Cora Carmack is about a collage student , Bliss Edwards who is sick and tired of being a virgin so she, being the incredibly intelligent person she is decides to go to a Disease infested bar and lose it to some one she doesn’t even know. However she meets this sweet English man named Garrick and they go back to her place and just when she thinks she can do it sje chickens out and makes the most ludicrous explanation up and darts out of her own apartment like the genius I mentioned she was. The next day it’s the begging of the next semester and she walks into her acting class and do you know who her professor is? You guess it. Garrick. Yep…well you can imagine this is an awkward read,but it is very good and so believable you feel awkward for poor bliss Edwards. I love everything about this book, it’s a quick romantic read that is believable and hilarious. Enjoy!


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