Coexist, Keegan’s Chronicles

In a world where everything is magical and elfs exist (not 2 ft elfs)  sixteen year old keegen is having a hard time keeping it from her friends that she herself is an elf. anyway as an elf you have mates, or soul mates that are pre destined the only drawback is you cant meet them until you are eighteen. this however doesn’t stop the lovely keegen, her brother the seer elf accidentally revealed her mates name and she was a horse with blinders on . nothing was going to keep her from finding Rourk and it doesn’t help that every time she thinks his name hes drawn to her like  a kat to yarn. he restrains himself as long as he can , giving her a childhood before she accepts him but a twist of fait thrusts them together ans a war between the dark and light jeprodizes their life together. i recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good action romance. enjoy!


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