Conflicted by Julia Crane

keegen and rourks bond was broken in the battle between light and dark and now that keegen has forgoten all about rourk he is crushed. He can still feel their bond so emesly that he cant bear to be around her without her and especially cant see her fall for someone else right before his eyes. he does try to fight for her but now all she feels is awkward around his and this breaks him, he has to get away. as elfen tradition goes a warrior joins the human armmy for at least four years and beacuause he cant stand the heat ace any longer this is what rourk does. However back home with keegen Anna, keegen’s close friend and witch is determined ti find a way to help rourk and return keegens bound even if keegen doesnt agree with her. this book is phenominal and just as good as the first i love it and im sure you will too! enjoy!


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