Consumed by Julia crane

Keegan’s been through a wild ride , she met her mate before she should have, lost their bond to dark magic and dated a tiger(no joke). Now that the bond is back for Keegan (thanks to her brother and Anna) she and Rourk begin to grow closer. However, Keegan’s school is all the way in Alaska while Rourk is stationed in Washington state, but that’s easily fixed. In the beginning he visited her in Alaska on his days off of training, but after her semester ended she transferred schools to be closer to him. They then do all the things couples do, move in together, get a pet, and get married eventually although Keegan wanted to go against elfin tradition and wait until after she is 18. This book lacks a huge antagonist like the other ones, but it focuses on the characters lives. It gives you closure and leaves you with a fizzy feeling when you’re finished. I loved this book and both before it I hope she continues the series! I recommend this to anyone and everyone. Enjoy!


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