Ink, by Amanda sun

Ink isn’t your typical girl meets boy story, oh no. It just so happens that the boy is a descendent of the Japanese gods called kami and the girl is an American in Japan living with her aunt and going to a regular Japanese school just months after her mother died. The girls name is Katie green and in this totally new world she’s an outsider looking in and barely even understanding the story, she’s grasping at straws until she meets the mysterious Tomohiro and sees his drawings come to life. She stalks him down until he receipts his secret to her and she doesn’t run away when he pushes her, they grow closer and closer and Tomo’s powers become even more powerful and untamable with each moment he spends with Katie, but that’s not the worst of their problems, people want Tomo and not for anything good.
This book is amazing!! I couldn’t put it down it captivated me in a way nothing else could. I think it’s because I relate to Katie being in a new place and not understanding the language or culture, but it also because of the amazing story and how it’s portrayed though an elegant and lovely writing style that even incorporated Japanese to make the story that more authentic! I give this story 6 stars out of 5 it blew me away and I think everyone should read this book I can’t wait for rain (the second book in the paper god series) to come out in a few weeks! Enjoy!


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