The Beautiful Ashes, by Jeaniene Frost

In The Beautiful Ashes,by Jeaniene Frost, Ivy’s parents are killed and her sister is kidnaped by demons. she is hell bent on finding her sister at all costs.However, in the process she is plagued by visions of another realm and demons from that realm want to kill her because of her bloodline, thankfully before they can the young,handsome, and brooding Adrian saves her and agrees to help her find her sister. To find her sister they need to search the demon realm to find a weapon that can kill daemons. All while trying to get close to Adrian while he pushes her away because of a prophesy. This book is full of action and adventure and star crossed lovers romance. I would 100% recommend this book, so get it as soon as it’s out ok August 24th! Enjoy!

The fault in our stars review

The fault in our stars, by john green is a phenomenal book! I can’t begin to describe it’s beauty accurately, however I shall try. Cancer miracle, Hazel meets cancer remission boy, Augustus, their’s is a tale of star Crossed lovers, a true tragedy. Hazel and Augustus meet at a support group for kids with cancer and at first Gus feels like he’s seen a ghost when he sees hazel. However, they become fast friends, but shortly after they bond Gus wants something more, he falls in love with her and she him “slowly then all at once” they have some amazing times together, picnicking , talking about an imperial affliction (hazels favorite book she showed Gus), and going on an adventure to Amsterdam. However this is a tragic story’s and how all tragedies go, a catastrophe strikes and worlds are crushed to shambles leaving shards of sharp glass in it’s wake. This book while beautiful, is absolutely heartbreaking, it makes you ponder the meaning of life and human fragility. I absolutely loved this book to the point I had to stop reading everything else I was to finish it, I would recommend this to any person who has the ability to read. It is absolute breathtaking and even though it is quite sad, I don’t regret reading this captivating book. Enjoy!


P.S did anyone see the movie? What did you think?

The iron trials by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

The iron trials are a series of magical tests to determine if students in the real world posses enough magical power to be admitted to the school called the Magisterium. In the Magisterium young magic users study under the great mages as their apprentices and learn to control and use their powers. In this story Callum, the protagonist had a mother who dies in the third war of the mages and because of that his father wanted callum to have nothing to do with the school, however even after flunking the test on purpose as his father wishes he is admitted to the school
Against his and his fathers wishes. Call (short for Callum) studies under the Mage Rufus with fellow students Tamara and Aaron who become friends after a month or so. Together they endure grueling and tedious tasks given to them by Rufus and monthly combat testing. If that’s not enough rumors about another Mage war with “the enemy” is brewing. This book is full of action, adventure, rivalry and friendship. Now it’s no city of bones so don’t expect it to be. it’s a totally different concept, but ingenious at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every single page and I hope you will to so don’t forget to pick it up on September 9, 2014!! Enjoy!