Pods by Michelle Pickett

A deadly virus hits and wipes out most of the population. The government needs to act fast so they inactive the”pod system” where scientists and government officials along with lucky lottery winners will be quarantined for a year. The main pod is for all the personal and the sub pods are for the lottery winners and hold 10 people. The lottery is rigged to accept the best and brightest of all people from 12-25. Eva is a lottery “winner” because of her English and is in a sub pod with 8 other people (one is pregnant so she counts as two). At first it’s awkward and quiet but soon they become a family and love even appears. The pods are opened and the group is split up after living together for over a year, David will do anything to be with Eva again and she him yo follow them through their struggle to be united and their fight to stay alive in a world where the virus has mutated. I can’t stress how much I loved this book!!! It was amazing the romance is sweet the sci-fy is amazing and the action is great! The book is very well written and an excellent read I recomend you read Pods by Michelle Pickett you won’t regret it! Enjoy!

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