The girl who never was

Imagine having an insane father, aunts who never told you what you always wanted to know and to throw it all together in a nice poo pie a mother who wants you dead. Well in The girl who never was, by Skylar Dorset, that is exactly what the main character, Selkie Stewart has. You see her mother is an aristocrat fairy and they aren’t meant to reproduce because of a prophecy stating their offspring will end them. However, Selkie’s mother was saved by Selkie’s father who asked for a daughter as payment. To keep Selkie safe many people including her knight in shining armor, Ben will go a long way. to see just how far they will go read the book!
This was a very good twist on the blah blah seen it once seen it a thousand times fairy tail. It hourly enjoyed it and the author is very creative, she thought up a world unlike any other fantasy world, with interesting rules and ways of life. This believable fantasy will keep I on the edge of your seat and wanting more, enjoy!