Owning violet, by Monica Murphy

Owning Violet is the first installment of the Flower sisters series written by Monica Murphy. Violet, the main character of the series was he rich child of a huge businessman who we meet when shes in a sad, lonely and dispassionate relationship with a man named Zachary, and hes clearly only in it to succeed in her father’s company. However she stays because he’ll stop cheating and they’ll be happy once he puts a ring on it, right? Early on in the book Zachary leaves for a new position in london and leaves Violet to the pursuit of Ryder McKay, all time bad boy of the company who can have any woman he wants and he’s now set his eyes on Violet, but are they for the right reasons?
I Thoroughly enjoyed this book , it gave you a “sitting on the edge of your seat” feeling you never knew what exactly was going to happen, because each character was always thinking something you don’t expect. as soon as you think you know what’s going to happen BAM plot twist and someone decides oh “now I actually like this person” so if you like an interesting romance with a realistic work setting and real life problems making the book a realistic book this is the novel for you!

The Publicist, by Christina George/ GIVE AWAY

Being a publicist means running around avoiding a celebrity or authors every whim, being a personal therapist, and dealing with enormous amounts of media and that’s exactly what our main character Kate in >The Publicist , by Christina George is. Kate is a struggling publicist leaching off the bottom feeder authors and scrambling to keep them afloat until the info nous publisher Mac takes a new position in her life. The unhappily married man sweeps her off her feet and aids her carrier in the presses, however there is one problem, it’s an affair. Kate knows it will end badly, but is too infatuated to end things with Mac. She spirals deeper and deeper in love with this man, who additionally is the editor on her next book which will be her big break in her carrier and will leave her set for life. Then in steps Kate’s fried Allen’s nephew Nick, and not is he stunning! He is ready to sweep her off her feet, and give her everything Mac can not, public affection, a normal relationship, and most importantly a future. What will she do? what does the future have in store for her carrier? Finally, who will she choose to be with, the handsome married man who being with is so wrong and feels so right, or the darling man who can give her everything and more the other cannot?
I revived the audio book read by the author in exchange for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the characters, you can see how they develop as the story progresses and how their views shift astronomically. I also enjoyed this book because it gave you an inside look to the publishing industry, of which I’m Interested in pursuing. The book was grammatically well written and structured very nicely with an easy to follow flow. The romance was believable, interesting and never predictable, which is rare for a romance novel, all in all I give the audio book 4 out of five stars because I didn’t particularly like the narrator’s tone when she was “Changing voices,” but a hard copy of the book I would give a 5 star rating! Enjoy!

Book info:

Pages: 226
Audio book time:5 Hours and 45 minutes
Author: Christina George
Narrator: Lisa Cordileone
Publishing company:

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