Outlander by, Diana Gabaldon

Omg I just have no words! This book as magnificent it is truly art the author brings you into a completely different time and illustrates the book so wonderfully it’s like Jamie Fraser is sitting across the room from you!
Outlander starts with Claire, who has just returned from WWII (she was a nurse) with her husband frank who was a special pops coordinator to go on a second honeymoon to reconnect. While tracing his lineage they decide to see “witches ” preform a ceremony. When they return to their hotel Claire realizes she forgot her cloak in the bushes near the ceremony they had witnessed and decides to go ack the next day. The next day she returns and gets her things, but something compelled her tot ouch the stone and BAM she’s 200+ years in the past! only she doesn’t know thy just yet. She saved by Scott warriors and treats a wounded soldier named Jamie who in tern vows to protect her. They take her back to their HQ castle type thing and present her to The Lord of that castle who in tern orders she stay as their healer as the previous one has died and no one before her has had the knowledge to replace him. She obediently submits to his orders in an effort to bye her time until she can escape and find a way back to her time. However, time drags on and as things seem impossible she is taken on a journey as a medic and before she can get to the rocks the British intercept the Scott’s and demand she be turned over to them. The only way for her to Tay safe with the scots is to have a legal contract binding her to them, marriage. And thus starts the epic love story of Jamie Fraser and Claire as she struggles to except her new life and decide between the man in the past or the man from the future.
OMG OMG OMG if you don’t have this book you need to bye it, like NOW!! I don’t even care if it’s 4 am this is a must have for a person who calls themselves a reader. This was truly breathtaking and a moving story that teaches you about loss, acceptance and the power of love.

If you have or plan to read this there is also a series on Starz network that is an amazing adaptation of the book, if like to hear opinions of the book and those who have seen the series. Does it ensure up to the book? is the book an amazing piece of fiction? What’s your favorite installment of the series?