Kidnaped by Sally Ann Melia

Guy Erma and the Son of the Empire is a very… interesting novel. During the book there were several plot twists and pieces that were a tad difficult to keep up with due to changing personas of characters and settings. I don’t want to give anything away, and quite frankly it was so confusing I couldn’t understand some of it. I think that if I were to go through the book again, annotate and highlight everything that was confusing or weird, the book would be all yellow. It definitely wasn’t the most well-written book I’ve ever read and honestly I don’t believe I’d read it again. On a positive note, there was large use of nice vocabulary, And the characters were very likable, also with a little more world building the book would be much more understandable and enjoyable.
What did I think of the characters? The better question would be what did I understand about the characters? As soon as I began to comprehend and form opinions about the characters, an unexpected event blew the book out of proportion. Personally speaking, I think a little more description and imagery would have gone a long long way with the characters. Its not that the characters were necessarily bad I actually liked them very much by the end of the book. Returning to the plot, it was just…odd. I couldn’t understand why things were happening or what caused them because there were little to no explanations on anything, it was like thing just happened in your face out of nowhere: BAM! BAM! BAM! This book has so much potential but it just needs to be revised with more descriptive imagery, explanations, and TLC. This book bored me and I wouldn’t read it again; however, this book has the potential to be the next bestseller, it just needs to be improved.

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