The hate crime in Charleston, SC

Nine innocent lives were taken on June 17th, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. Why? Why did this happen? The better question is: why did we let this happen? Everyone in this country claims people are free. Fox News even once said that “racism doesn’t exist in this country.” If that’s true, why do things like this happen? Here’s the truth: racism is everywhere; its integrated into society today and we don’t even notice it. 
Those inncent nine worshippers did not know that the end was coming for them. Why did it have to come anyway? That gunman had absolutely no reason or right to perform the hate crimes he did, and he shouldn’t have done them. As a country, I hope we mourn for the lost lives of the innocent, and pray that crimes like this stop. This country is called The United States of America. So let’s stand as a United State to stop rasicm. 

To those families, I’m sorry for your losses. Bless you for your strength and courage, and you are in my prayers. 



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