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Omg hi guys ! I missed my blog and reviewing books for y’all so much I always loved the messages I’d receive full of questions and comments ! I had a really hard time with the passing of a family member and sort of checked out of the online world for a year or two but I’m back! I have tons of reviews that I have saved to my computer I can’t wait to post the first one tomorrow along with a giveaway !

Book Review: Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot


royal wedding

Note: This review contains several spoilers.

Growing up, everyone has a dream; many little girls dream of their wedding day, where they may walk down a church isle in a white princess gown, sit in a chair wearing a bejeweled sari, or maybe even shatter a glass on a marble tile. No matter what the tradition is, there is always something to look forward to on a wedding day (as long as it’s consensual and not forced like several weddings are in some parts of the world).

Royal Wedding is the long-awaited newest installment in Meg Cabot’s The Princess Diaries series, and it is a dream come true for fans everywhere. Every time a good series comes out, fans want to see the story all the way through, up until the star couple gets married and has kids, or the prince and princess get a happily ever after, or even until the dystopian society…

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10 Beautiful Lines From Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman

This sequel is long awaited by many, and I hope it satisfies. -PixieChick


Go Set A Watchman finally hits shelves on Tuesday, and after months of anticipation, To Kill A Mockingbird devotees are ready to get their hands on Harper Lee’s second book. Early reviews may have already swayed readers to deem the novel good or bad, but whichever way you lean, there’s no doubt Lee has written lovely prose. Ahead of its release, EW has plucked the most beautiful lines from Watchman.

1. “When she was staring at her fourth cup of coffee the Crescent Limited honked like a giant goose at its northbound mate and rumbled across the Chattahoochee into Alabama.”

2. “A black hound loped down the streets in the distance, the monkey puzzles bristled silently on there corners of the square.”

3. “Dill’s efforts to disentangle himself with dignity were only moderately successful; he rose from the pool like a small fantastical water monster, covered with green slime…

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Watch Daniel Radcliffe Lose Points for Gryffindor Trying to Work as a Receptionist

I loved the Harry Potter book and film series. Radcliffe, you’re a great actor, stick to it! And the fact that Joe Jonas didn’t even recognize him..Oops! 



Daniel Radcliffe just found out he doesn’t have the magic touch when it comes to office work.

The Harry Potter star, 25, recently went undercover as a receptionist for a hidden-camera prank – and soon discovered he should probably stick to his day job.

Working the front desk at Nylon magazine’s New York City office, Radcliffe managed to go incognito for a while, smiling and nodding at staffers totally oblivious to the celebrity in their midst.

But soon enough, a few employees began to notice their normal receptionist, Lauren Adler, had been replaced by the famous boy wizard – and a series of excited selfies and handshakes ensued.

After an hour of answering the phone, delivering packages and passing out the bathroom keys, the actor – who once bared all on Broadway – described the experience as “the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

One office visitor was particularly unimpressed with…

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Misogyny Among Muslim Women

Hey! It’s the pixiechick here!

Thank you so much for this post. I have to disagree with that Palestinian-Jordan woman. In the Qur’an it states that women and men are equal in the eyes of Allah, and that is true. The reason women have a Walee is not because women are weak; it is because men can be manipulative and abusive. Women can easily be taken advantage of, but NOT because we’re weak (which we are not), it’s because men have the ability steal our innocence and ruin lives and families. Tell that Palestinian-Jordan woman to read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Housseni and try to tell me women are weak!


I’m the PixieChick, the BookFairy’s best friend. I’m going to be blogging with her! Occasionally I’ll blog about books, but I’ll be talking about other stuff. I’ll basically talk about anything, politics, entertainment, school, advice, you name it, just request it! I’ll be adding some pages to the blog to separate the BookFairy’s awesome book reviews and my hopefully awesome-as-well posts. If you need to contact me you can email: missknowitallblog17@gmail.com. Enjoy the blog! 

Epic 2: Outlaw Trigger by, Lee Stephen 

They say every man has a breaking point-every man can be pushed off the edge. Scott Remington entered EDEN with the heart of a lion. He forged glory in the furnace of war. But on the heels of dawn, darkness awaits. Only when stretched to the limit will a man truly learn who he is. That limit is about to be breached. Lines will be crossed. Sides will be chosen. And faith will be put to the test. Will the righteous prevail?

This is the fast paced sequel to dawn of destiny and in my opinion this book is even better then the first! The character development was amazing, you really got to know the caracter through this book. Moreover as this book is an action thriller you blood and guts junkies get more then enough of that! This book has more themes centered outside the war then the first novel which adds to the development of the series while still keeping it w gory war front action packed Novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, every page was filled with more and more Juicy little tidbits that had you hooked and kept you turning. So if you have not read the first book, Dawn of Destiny, and you’re a stickler for a good action book, go pick it up right way! However; if you have read the first novel and loved it even half as much as I did you need to go pick up Outlaw Triger! Enjoy!