Father’s Day

          I know I’m about a week late with this post, but I absolutely need to write about Father’s Day (which was 6/21/15). The word family is also an acronym for: Father And Mother I Love You. Moms and Dads need to be celebrated everyday, not just for the big sacrifices they make, but for the small ones as well. We may get upset with our parents about things that don’t go our way, but we need to keep in mind that love is kind and patient. 
          Parents give us unconditional love, even if they don’t tell us that every minute of the day. This Father’s Day, I hope everyone told their Dad what their love means to them, because none of us will be around forever. Thank you Dad for all the love you give us, the things you do for us, and the way you care for us. Dads would give their world for us, that is how much they care. 
To my own Dad, I’m sorry I don’t tell you as often as you deserve to hear this, but you mean the world to me.