Climax, by Christina George

Brilliant, funny, sweet and heartbreaking. Climax is a great love story and a highly enjoyable read! George has really taken romance to a new level with this series. Her final book will give readers everything they crave and more! Cherry Adair, New York Times Bestselling Author. Kate Mitchell has never forgiven herself for breaking Nick Lavigne’s heart. Now he’s back and he’s moved on, and it’s affecting Kate’s life more than she’s willing to admit.Kate Mitchell has everything. She’s the head of a crazy successful publishing house, engaged to the traffic-stopping sexy Mac Ellis and she’s about to sign one of the biggest authors of her career.
I mean what are the odds this girl runs into the former love of her life though publishing a book!? This book is an amazing conclusion to the saga! It’s dramatic and ironic and it keeps you on your toes, who will she pick, who does she love? Is it Mac or is it Nick who swears he’s over his former fiancé? Series of events throw Kate and other characters in this book into a state of turmoil and the end point isn’t clear, and that what makes this series so good! You never know what’s going to happen it’s so unpredictable and that’s what makes a good read in my opinion because if I can see the ending by page 50 I really don’t see the point in wasting my time on the other 500 pages, know what I mean? But this book is most certainly not one of those and is a book you should read and if you haven’t read the first books you should read those as well! Enjoy!
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Shelf life, by Christina George audiobook review

It’s an industry of out-of-control egos, unrealistic expectations, and unfulfilled promises.

This is publishing and it’s Kate’s world, but maybe not for long.

When one of Kate Mitchell’s star authors is carted away in handcuffs, it’s only the beginning of her troubles. As her world crumbles around her, Kate desperately looks for anyone to hold onto but finds that happy endings are truly works of fiction. With the shelf life of her career and her love affair quickly expiring, Kate sets off on a new adventure…

Starting over in California is easy but Kate soon learns that leaving her old life behind isn’t. Nick Lavigne is eager to help her forget but two things still own her heart, the dream of discovering the next great American novel, and MacDermott Ellis.

As Kate tries to rebuild her life she finds a surprising gift that reboots her career in a new and unexpected direction. Suddenly her name becomes synonymous with one of the biggest bestsellers publishing has seen in ages and she’s welcomed back with open arms.

But at the height of her success the ghosts of her past come back to remind her of the world she’d been trying to forget and the man who never let go of her heart.

Behind the book, there’s always more to the story. Welcome to Publishing, the ego has landed.

I loved loved loved this audio boo the narrator really made me feel as if the story was unfolding around me, and the book is just as good as the first one in the series. The characters have real depth and everything about the story draws you in; you want to know everything you possibly can about Kate’s situation and you’re on your seat until the very end trying to guess and predict what and when she will do things you think she will. I enjoyed this audio book very much and recommend it to anyone who wants a good romance that isn’t one dimensional and has a “real world” feel to it. The characters are believable and their situations are understandable and even relatable! I defiantly think you should pick up this audio book and if you haven’t read or listened to the first go out and get the publicist you’ll love it!

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The Publicist, by Christina George/ GIVE AWAY

Being a publicist means running around avoiding a celebrity or authors every whim, being a personal therapist, and dealing with enormous amounts of media and that’s exactly what our main character Kate in >The Publicist , by Christina George is. Kate is a struggling publicist leaching off the bottom feeder authors and scrambling to keep them afloat until the info nous publisher Mac takes a new position in her life. The unhappily married man sweeps her off her feet and aids her carrier in the presses, however there is one problem, it’s an affair. Kate knows it will end badly, but is too infatuated to end things with Mac. She spirals deeper and deeper in love with this man, who additionally is the editor on her next book which will be her big break in her carrier and will leave her set for life. Then in steps Kate’s fried Allen’s nephew Nick, and not is he stunning! He is ready to sweep her off her feet, and give her everything Mac can not, public affection, a normal relationship, and most importantly a future. What will she do? what does the future have in store for her carrier? Finally, who will she choose to be with, the handsome married man who being with is so wrong and feels so right, or the darling man who can give her everything and more the other cannot?
I revived the audio book read by the author in exchange for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the characters, you can see how they develop as the story progresses and how their views shift astronomically. I also enjoyed this book because it gave you an inside look to the publishing industry, of which I’m Interested in pursuing. The book was grammatically well written and structured very nicely with an easy to follow flow. The romance was believable, interesting and never predictable, which is rare for a romance novel, all in all I give the audio book 4 out of five stars because I didn’t particularly like the narrator’s tone when she was “Changing voices,” but a hard copy of the book I would give a 5 star rating! Enjoy!

Book info:

Pages: 226
Audio book time:5 Hours and 45 minutes
Author: Christina George
Narrator: Lisa Cordileone
Publishing company:

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Letting go, by Maya Banks

Letting Go, by Maya Banks is a book one of a trilogy; however the series is broken down so that each book follows a different character. In letting go the main plot follows Josselyn Breckenridge, who’s husband (Carson)died three years ago and she has finally decided to let him go. Dash, Carson’s best friend has been in love with Joss since he first laid eyes on her and can give her the one thing Carson couldn’t, dominance. When Joss is finally ready to let Carson go Dash jumps into the picture and sweeps her off her feat offering her everything she could ever want in return for her trust, love and submission.
I recommend this steamy summer to anyone who isn’t afraid of some kinks in their fantasy! I think it was a great book and finished it in less then a day. It’s steamy like the beloved fifty shades, but has an actual plot without unrealistic sexual scenes on every other page. Enjoy!

Rain, by Amanda Sun review

Rain, by Amanda Sun is the second installment of the wonderful paper god series. Rain picked off where Ink leaves off and Katie is staying and she will be dammed if she gives up on Tomo. While struggling with her dangerous love life and extreme lack of Japanese, she finds secrets with Tomo and Jun that she could never even imagine. Her life is put in danger and her courage along with her love for Tomo is put to the test. I Loved this book as much as the first book and if you have tread the first book you NEED to Amanda Sun is an amazing author is incorporates Japanese in her writing that makes her style uniques, but amazing. She is one of my favorite authors because of her original style and beautify told story’s including ink and rain. Enjoy!

The Jewel, By Amy Ewing, a jewel of a book!

In the universe where The Jewel,by Amy Ewing , takes place the world works in a different way. There are rings of social living areas, the poorest being the marsh on the outer ring and the richest in the center called the jewel. The jewel houses the royals who are incapable of carrying their own children and use surrogates who posses powers to enhance the their child. These surrogates with a special gene mutation come from the marsh and are taken from their home as soon as they hit puberty, then they are trained in their powers for years. After they complete their training they’re sold like furniture at an auction to woman who want children. The story centers around Violet, a surrogate who is bought by the “duchess of the lake” and you follow her through her struggles. Be it through the secret love affair that can get her killed or her plans to escape. This story is a captivating read, I stayed up to the wee hours of the morning finishing it and I loved it it can’t wait for number two and neither will you once you read it. You can pick this book, the first in the lone city series, up in September 2014! Enjoy!

The Beautiful Ashes, by Jeaniene Frost

In The Beautiful Ashes,by Jeaniene Frost, Ivy’s parents are killed and her sister is kidnaped by demons. she is hell bent on finding her sister at all costs.However, in the process she is plagued by visions of another realm and demons from that realm want to kill her because of her bloodline, thankfully before they can the young,handsome, and brooding Adrian saves her and agrees to help her find her sister. To find her sister they need to search the demon realm to find a weapon that can kill daemons. All while trying to get close to Adrian while he pushes her away because of a prophesy. This book is full of action and adventure and star crossed lovers romance. I would 100% recommend this book, so get it as soon as it’s out ok August 24th! Enjoy!