Letting go, by Maya Banks

Letting Go, by Maya Banks is a book one of a trilogy; however the series is broken down so that each book follows a different character. In letting go the main plot follows Josselyn Breckenridge, who’s husband (Carson)died three years ago and she has finally decided to let him go. Dash, Carson’s best friend has been in love with Joss since he first laid eyes on her and can give her the one thing Carson couldn’t, dominance. When Joss is finally ready to let Carson go Dash jumps into the picture and sweeps her off her feat offering her everything she could ever want in return for her trust, love and submission.
I recommend this steamy summer to anyone who isn’t afraid of some kinks in their fantasy! I think it was a great book and finished it in less then a day. It’s steamy like the beloved fifty shades, but has an actual plot without unrealistic sexual scenes on every other page. Enjoy!